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Week 5 Update with Swim Team Party Information

Swim Families,

It was another great week on the Springmill Crossing Swim Team! Concessions has extra frozen hamburgers from Costco with buns that we would like to sell.  We have 2 sets of 20 frozen burgers with 16 buns for $15 each.  Please text Amy, and we will deliver today!  317-442-3500

As we head into our final week, here's what you need to know:

1.  NO Evening Practice this week!

2.  June 27 away meet at Waterstone....Please RSVP by noon on Monday.

3.  June 29 away meet at Brookshire...Please RSVP by noon on Wednesday.

4.  NO morning practice on Friday, only the swim party at 6pm.  Please RSVP your family to the party.  It's just like doing it for a swim meet.  

Swim Team Party from 6-8pm on Friday

The swim team will provide, hot dogs, paper products, and drinks for swimmers.  Please bring your own beverages for you and any other family members that are not on the team.  Last names A-M will bring a side dish to share and O-Z will bring a dessert to share.

We are changing the format in hopes that there's not a back up to get food.

6-6:30pm  Eat as you arrive to the party

6:30-7pm  Awards from Coach Cindie

7pm Team Picture on the hill followed by pool games.

Have a great weekend!

Amy and Angie


 posted by: Amy Sullivan on 6/23/17 4:02 PM
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Week 4 Update

Swim Families,

A lot of volunteers and extra time goes into hosting 2 home meets in a week and you all knocked it out of the park!  We got compliments from both teams on our hosting abilities, as well as our coaches getting accolades for being great because they cheer on our swimmers, are super nice, and catch backstroke swimmer heads even the opposing team!  smiley  Coach Darby's mom, Cheryl, has taken some great photos, so we will try to get the Shutterfly link  on our website so you can take a look.

Week 4 Reminders:

1.  RSVP for this week's meets by Noon on the day before each meet.  Monday at noon for Tuesday's meet and Wednesday at noon for Thursday's meet.

2.  Our first away meet is Tuesday at Village of West Clay.  The swimmers need to be ready for warm-ups by 4:30pm.  VWC is a very nice pool, but it doesn't have great viewing for watching your swimmer.  Our swimmers will be on a grassy area near the baby pool.  In the past, they also have not had a grill for concessions.  It is usually pizza and Chick-Fil-A, but we will check and get back to you.  It's also a meter pool, so it's longer and our times should be slower!

3.  Last week, night practice had a ton of swimmers!  So much so, we should have had 2 coaches.  If your swimmer will be attending evening practice on Monday or Wednesday would you please let the coaches know.  Reminder, no 6 and Unders at night!

4. Thursday will be our last home meet against Merrimac.  A huge shout out to Jenny Coplan for running a great concessions this past week, and our grill masters, Bill and Joel for working with less than ideal grilling conditions.  Our grill was donated years ago by the Trent family, but is probably on its way out.  If you know of any neighbor thinking about replacing a grill and would love to donate theirs to our swim team, we would love to have it.

5.  Fun Friday will have donuts!

Happy Father's Day to all our great Dads!

Amy and Angie

 posted by: Amy Sullivan on 6/17/17 4:53 AM
Week 3 Update

Swim Families,

Another great week of swimmers improving!

Week 3 will bring 2 home swim meets, which means it will be busy.  Home meets require more volunteers since we are the host for the swim meet.  If you are a new family, the first meet will be overwhelming and resemble chaos, but we promise it's organized chaos. On Monday, we will have an orientation for new parents or old parents who want a review of our "organized chaos".  We will go over the schedule, volunteer roles, what you need to bring to a meet, and answer questions like, "my swimmer is only capable of swimming freestyle currently".  We will offer the orientation at two different times to accommodate everyone's schedule. It will last 20 minutes at the most.

Monday at 9am during morning practice


Monday at 6pm during evening practice

We are also looking for someone with a Sam's membership....anyone?  Nerd Ropes and Blow Pops are a favorite at our concession stand and Jenny, Angie and I are not members.  If you would be willing to do some shopping before our meet, it would be greatly appreciated.  You would also be reimbursed.  Please text Jenny Coplan at 312-391-1262.  Since we do have so many new families, please know we will offer a full grill of hamburgers and hotdogs on Tuesday and Thursday.  Our concession stand profits go to bonuses for our coaches at the end of the season party.

FC Try Out Families,

We know Monday and Tuesday are try out days for all the local travel soccer teams.  If you find out on Monday that your child doesn't need to try out on Tuesday, please change yours RSVP because we would LOVE to have them swim!

Please RSVP your swimmer!   If you don't RSVP, then they don't get to swim.  Last weeks update told you how to RSVP.

Have a great weekend!

Amy and Angie

 posted by: Amy Sullivan on 6/9/17 10:50 AM
Week 2 Update

Swim Families,

Coach Cindie and the other coaches (Darby, Blake, Maddie, NIcole, Megan, and Kate) thought the first week of practice went great with improvement already being made in the water.  The coaches would like to say investing in a good pair of goggles is needed, masks are not a good option.  The coaches will work on breathing with their strokes.  Registration is officially closed with 95 swimmers on our roster!

Week 2:

1.  Evening practice begins for swimmers between the ages of 7-14 who miss the morning practice. NO 6 and Unders may attend....sorry!   It's on Monday and Wednesday from 6-6:45pm.  It's only 1 lane with only 1 coach present.  The calendar has been updated to reflect evening practice.

2.  We will begin to get times for swimmers by the end of the week.

3.  Please log into the website and RSVP your swimmers to the meets.  After logging in, go to the calendar, and click the RSVP icon.  It will pull up your swimmers, please select yes or no, and how many adults, then hit SAVE!  Your calendar will reflect a green dot if attending and a red dot if not attending.  If your swimmer is NOT RSVP'd within 24 hours of the meet, they won't be able to swim.  The line-up takes a significant amount of time, so there will be no exceptions.

4.  Monday or Tuesday of Week 3, we will host a new family orientation.

If you have any questions on RSVPing, please see me (Amy) later this week at practice.  I will not be at practice on Monday or Tuesday.  Angie will be sporadic as well because of carpooling to camp this week.

See you at pool!

Amy and Angie 

 posted by: Amy Sullivan on 6/4/17 9:13 AM
SCSC Swimwear

Hello Swim Families!  As in years past, SMX Swim Team Suits are plain black, and you are welcome to purchase a girls one-piece or boy's swim jammer from the vendor or your choice.

However, this year, for your convenience, we have provided a link on the Home Page of the Swim Team Website (www.springmillcrossing.swim-team.us) for you to purchase a Sporti brand suit.

Since there are Youth sizes and Regular sizes, please visit both sites (there are two for girls and two for boys) to determine the correct size for your swimmer.

Team suits are only needed for meets, swimmers can wear any one-piece or jammer to practices.

See you May 31!

 posted by: Angie McHale on 5/19/17 2:49 PM
Springmill Crossing Swim Club Information

Springmill Crossing Swim Club Information

Springmill Crossing Swim Club has a long history of being a fun and exciting experience for our neighborhood children.  Not only do they make lifelong friends, but they learn the importance of learning how to swim by our experienced coaches.

All SMX children who are 14 and younger as of June 1, 2017 are allowed to participate.  The 6 and under swimmers must be able to swim freestyle or backstroke HALF the length of the pool.  The 7-14 year olds must be able to swim the ENTIRE length.

2017 Fees:

All Swimmers 4-14 are $80.00

We will refund your money should the coaches decide that your child is not ready to participate on the swim team.

Checks should be made to Springmill Crossing Swim Team or Paypal online.

Swim Club Fees Include:

  • Coaching
  • Insurance
  • Ribbons and a Medal
  • End of Season Party
  • Fun Friday

Practice Schedule:

We practice Monday through Friday, unless noted on the calendar.  The first day of practice is May 31.

  • 6 and under practice from 8:30am-9am
  • 7-10 years old practice from 9am-9:45am
  • 11-14 years old practice from 9:45am-10:30am

​Evening practice will begin June 12 for 7-14 year olds on Monday and Wednesday if your swimmer missed morning practice.  Practice will be from 6-6:45pm.

Swimmers are not required to be at a every practice, but should realize that the work and effort that is put into swim team will be reflected in their meet performance.

Parents and/or a designated guardian must be present for children under 10 at swim practice.  Parents bringing younger siblings to swim practice are responsible for those children, and are asked to keep them at least 2 feet away from the pool.

Swim Meet Schedule:

The meet schedule is posted on the calendar.  You will need to RSVP 24 hours in advance for each meet online.  The line-up will be posted online by noon of the day of the meet.


If your child is to be involved on the swim team, it is understood that one parent will be expected to volunteer to work 2 whole meets.  Parents will sign up online when you register your child.  If you do not show up for your scheduled time, or find a replacement you will be charged $50 per full meet.

In the event you know in advance you will not be unable to commit to volunteering, you may choose to pay $100 to fulfill your commitment.  Lack of volunteers will force us to pay individuals to work the swim meets.

If you have any questions, please contact:  

Amy Sullivan (amyjeff1@sbcglobal.net) or 317-442-3500)

 posted by: Amy Sullivan
Swim Team Updates

Swim Families,

Good news....Angie McHale is our new Assistant Swim Coordinator and Jenny Coplan is our new Concessions Coordinator!

Bad news....The...   more

 posted by: Amy Sullivan on 3/27/17 7:23 AM
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