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Week 4 Update
  By: Amy Sullivan on 6/17/17 7:53AM

Swim Families,

A lot of volunteers and extra time goes into hosting 2 home meets in a week and you all knocked it out of the park!  We got compliments from both teams on our hosting abilities, as well as our coaches getting accolades for being great because they cheer on our swimmers, are super nice, and catch backstroke swimmer heads even the opposing team!  smiley  Coach Darby's mom, Cheryl, has taken some great photos, so we will try to get the Shutterfly link  on our website so you can take a look.

Week 4 Reminders:

1.  RSVP for this week's meets by Noon on the day before each meet.  Monday at noon for Tuesday's meet and Wednesday at noon for Thursday's meet.

2.  Our first away meet is Tuesday at Village of West Clay.  The swimmers need to be ready for warm-ups by 4:30pm.  VWC is a very nice pool, but it doesn't have great viewing for watching your swimmer.  Our swimmers will be on a grassy area near the baby pool.  In the past, they also have not had a grill for concessions.  It is usually pizza and Chick-Fil-A, but we will check and get back to you.  It's also a meter pool, so it's longer and our times should be slower!

3.  Last week, night practice had a ton of swimmers!  So much so, we should have had 2 coaches.  If your swimmer will be attending evening practice on Monday or Wednesday would you please let the coaches know.  Reminder, no 6 and Unders at night!

4. Thursday will be our last home meet against Merrimac.  A huge shout out to Jenny Coplan for running a great concessions this past week, and our grill masters, Bill and Joel for working with less than ideal grilling conditions.  Our grill was donated years ago by the Trent family, but is probably on its way out.  If you know of any neighbor thinking about replacing a grill and would love to donate theirs to our swim team, we would love to have it.

5.  Fun Friday will have donuts!

Happy Father's Day to all our great Dads!

Amy and Angie

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