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Week 3 Update
  By: Amy Sullivan on 6/9/17 1:50PM

Swim Families,

Another great week of swimmers improving!

Week 3 will bring 2 home swim meets, which means it will be busy.  Home meets require more volunteers since we are the host for the swim meet.  If you are a new family, the first meet will be overwhelming and resemble chaos, but we promise it's organized chaos. On Monday, we will have an orientation for new parents or old parents who want a review of our "organized chaos".  We will go over the schedule, volunteer roles, what you need to bring to a meet, and answer questions like, "my swimmer is only capable of swimming freestyle currently".  We will offer the orientation at two different times to accommodate everyone's schedule. It will last 20 minutes at the most.

Monday at 9am during morning practice


Monday at 6pm during evening practice

We are also looking for someone with a Sam's membership....anyone?  Nerd Ropes and Blow Pops are a favorite at our concession stand and Jenny, Angie and I are not members.  If you would be willing to do some shopping before our meet, it would be greatly appreciated.  You would also be reimbursed.  Please text Jenny Coplan at 312-391-1262.  Since we do have so many new families, please know we will offer a full grill of hamburgers and hotdogs on Tuesday and Thursday.  Our concession stand profits go to bonuses for our coaches at the end of the season party.

FC Try Out Families,

We know Monday and Tuesday are try out days for all the local travel soccer teams.  If you find out on Monday that your child doesn't need to try out on Tuesday, please change yours RSVP because we would LOVE to have them swim!

Please RSVP your swimmer!   If you don't RSVP, then they don't get to swim.  Last weeks update told you how to RSVP.

Have a great weekend!

Amy and Angie

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