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Thank You!
  By: Angie McHale on 7/20/17 12:27PM

Hi Swim Families!

I have to echo the thank you that Amy sent!  I soooo appreciated the gift card, and I truly enjoyed learning more about the Swim Meet world, and most of all getting to know so many of you who are either new to SMX, new to Swim Team, or whom I only  knew in passing before!  Your gift was joyfully spent on a shopping and lunch trip with...   more

Thank You!
  By: Amy Sullivan on 7/12/17 11:13AM

Swim Families,

Thank you for the gift card!  I look forward to a shopping excursion for me.....smiley

It was another great swim season, and I do hope your family enjoyed it!  There is NO parent ever that said, "I love swim meets", but if you watch your child at a swim meet than you come to realize that summer swim team is fun, and our swimmers love...   more

Week 5 Update with Swim Team Party Information
  By: Amy Sullivan on 6/23/17 4:02PM

Swim Families,

It was another great week on the Springmill Crossing Swim Team! Concessions has extra frozen hamburgers from Costco with buns that we would like to sell.  We have 2 sets of 20 frozen burgers with 16 buns for $15 each.  Please text Amy, and we will deliver today!  317-442-3500

As we head into our final week, here's what you need to...   more

Week 4 Update
  By: Amy Sullivan on 6/17/17 7:53AM

Swim Families,

A lot of volunteers and extra time goes into hosting 2 home meets in a week and you all knocked it out of the park!  We got compliments from both teams on our hosting abilities, as well as our coaches getting accolades for being great because they cheer on our swimmers, are super nice, and catch backstroke swimmer heads even the opposing team!  smiley ...   more

Week 3 Update
  By: Amy Sullivan on 6/9/17 1:50PM

Swim Families,

Another great week of swimmers improving!

Week 3 will bring 2 home swim meets, which means it will be busy.  Home meets require more volunteers since we are the host for the swim meet.  If you are a new family, the first meet will be overwhelming and resemble chaos, but we promise it's organized chaos. On Monday, we will have an orientation...   more

Week 2 Update
  By: Amy Sullivan on 6/4/17 12:13PM

Swim Families,

Coach Cindie and the other coaches (Darby, Blake, Maddie, NIcole, Megan, and Kate) thought the first week of practice went great with improvement already being made in the water.  The coaches would like to say investing in a good pair of goggles is needed, masks are not a good option.  The coaches will work on breathing with their strokes.  Registration...   more

SCSC Swimwear
  By: Angie McHale on 5/19/17 5:49PM

Hello Swim Families!  As in years past, SMX Swim Team Suits are plain black, and you are welcome to purchase a girls one-piece or boy's swim jammer from the vendor or your choice.

However, this year, for your convenience, we have provided a link on the Home Page of the Swim Team Website (www.springmillcrossing.swim-team.us) for you to purchase a Sporti brand...   more

Springmill Crossing Swim Club Information
  By: Amy Sullivan

Springmill Crossing Swim Club Information

Springmill Crossing Swim Club has a long history of being a fun and exciting experience for our neighborhood children.  Not only do they make lifelong friends, but they learn the importance of learning how to swim by our experienced coaches.

All SMX children who are 14 and younger as of June 1, 2017 are allowed to participate....   more

Swim Team Updates
  By: Amy Sullivan on 3/27/17 10:23AM

Swim Families,

Good news....Angie McHale is our new Assistant Swim Coordinator and Jenny Coplan is our new Concessions Coordinator!

Bad news....The SMX HOA has asked that only residents be on our swim team.  Other options for your swimmer are Ponds, Smoky Row, or the Monon with the Sea Dragons.  After this email is sent, I will do my best to remove you...   more

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